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Thunar Folder Thumbnailing

Martin Gallant
I am in the late stages of migrating my primary desktop from Gnome to Xfce.

My question is about Thunar support for thumbnailed directory/folder icons.
I already have thumbnailing working for image files and videos, and it
works great.
However, all folder icons look the same, (blank) and show no hint of
the content.

How far along are you guys in supporting this functionality?  (I
wasn't able to find recent discussion)
I noticed there is a branch jannis/folder-thumbnails in git which
appears to address this.
Is that all there is to it?

Is everything already in place in tumbler to construct folder thumbnails?

Kindly let me know what I should turn on, or where this feature sits
in your roadmap.
I am on Linux Arch, so the software on my system should be current.

Thank you,

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