[PATCHES] libxfce4util: Fix up GIR slightly and add vapi generation

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[PATCHES] libxfce4util: Fix up GIR slightly and add vapi generation

Vidar Braut Haarr

Attached are 5 patches that should get libxfce4util up to speed so
that it's usable with GIR, and also adds vapigen generation for vala

0001 is for gcc 7.x, it silences a new warning.
0002 adds vapigen
0003 makes sure our gir/vapi is namespaced "Xfce" and not "xfce"
0004 Changes libxfce4util-1.0.pc.in so that our PKG_CONFIG path is
actually (for example) /usr/include/xfce4/libxfce4util and not
0005 adds a metadata to gir/vapi generation that fixes their
assumption for the header file name

Xfce4-dev mailing list
[hidden email]

0005-Make-sure-introspection-users-find-the-header-file-i.patch (878 bytes) Download Attachment
0004-Fix-PKG_CONFIG-include-folder.patch (1004 bytes) Download Attachment
0003-Make-sure-our-gir-vapi-gets-the-Xfce-namespace-and-n.patch (1K) Download Attachment
0002-Add-VAPIGEN-for-vala-binding-generation.patch (2K) Download Attachment
0001-Add-Wno-expansion-to-defined-to-libxfce4util-compile.patch (1K) Download Attachment