[PATCHES] libxfce4ui: Fix up GIR/vapi generation

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[PATCHES] libxfce4ui: Fix up GIR/vapi generation

Vidar Braut Haarr

The following 7 patches fix up our GIR slightly and adds vapi
generation, and some other cruft.
I am on #xfce-dev as folk, if needed.

Vidar Braut Haarr
"Programmers don't die, they
just GOSUB without RETURN."

Xfce4-dev mailing list
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0007-Make-sure-vala-finds-our-headers-in-libxfce4ui-2-lib.patch (866 bytes) Download Attachment
0006-Make-sure-our-gir-vapi-gets-the-Xfce-namespace-and-n.patch (1K) Download Attachment
0005-Fix-generating-empty-vapi-bindings.patch (1K) Download Attachment
0004-VAPI-needs-to-be-named-2.vapi-not-2.0.vapi-for-PKG_C.patch (2K) Download Attachment
0003-Add-VAPIGEN-for-generating-vala-bindings.patch (3K) Download Attachment
0002-Include-extra-folders-for-GIR-when-compiling-in-a-pr.patch (1K) Download Attachment
0001-Add-Wno-expansion-to-defined-to-libxfce4ui-compiler-.patch (1K) Download Attachment