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Moving Wallpaper

Like most Xfce users, I have the default desktop setup where I have a
big fat Thunar for my wallpaper. It has a custom wallpaper background
and folders and I can highlight things and right-click to get a context
menu. I can middle-click to get a workspace menu, all the normal stuff
that you would expect.

When I use xwinwrap to set a moving video as my desktop background, I
lose all of the fancy Xfce things that I can do. I can't highlight or
have desktop icons or right or middle-click anymore.

I understand that this is because I have xwinwrap on top of Xfce's
background solution. Is there a way to have a video wallpaper on an Xfce
setup without losing the desktop functionality?

I have pasted the command I use below for reference:

xwinwrap -ni -o 1.0 -fs -s -st -sp -b -nf -- mpv -wid WID -quiet
--mute=yes Videos/wallpaper.webm -loop 0

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