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Dear Thunar developers,

ever since Gnome 3 started stripping down Nautilus and making it less
and less usable for me with each version, I switched to Thunar a while
ago since I was already using the Xfce environment. I think it's a great
file manager but there are still things that could use some polish
regarding the graphical user interface.

I would like to start creating patches for improving those aspects of

Here's a current list of things I'd like to tackle:
1. Filename truncation in icon view
2. Auto-width for filename column in details view instead of filename
3. Better looking thumbnail frames, fix missing frames
4. Uniform width for elements in icon view (so that alignment doesn't
differ between folders)
5. Enabling [Ctrl] + drag for copy and autorename (prepend sth. like
'Copy of ') in same folder
6. Tab opening with single middle-click on folder instead of double

I'm not able to judge if I really can get all of those sorted out, yet.
I'll see what I can do.
I already started creating a patch for #1 by extending the existing
commit [1], you may have a look at screenshot [2].

Right now I'm only modifying the source and recompiling to test. For the
changes to be of use for others or as a direct contribution to the
project (if approved), I'd like to ask for git access so I can create my
own branch/fork on [3] to play around with.

Kind regards,

Markus Hentsch.

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