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Add Switch User to LogOut box?

Jerry Bond
Hi List --

First just let me say how much we appreciate the work on 4.12, which we
run on top of Debian Stable  ( Thanks for all the good work!

We have started up development of MX-15, and currently have an alpha
running on Jessie that we are testing. One of the changes for the new
version we would like to explore is to change our SwitchUser application
from where the user has to make multiple keystrokes and know ahead of
time where to go, to having it located where it would be expected to be
found: on the logout dialog.

We developed our own little application (mx-switchuser) whose script I
posted here last year; furthermore, since we use lightdm, there is a
built-in command (dm-tool switch-to-greeter) that also works well.

We already have our app set up as a Whisker menu command, but the most
intuitive place for the user remains the logout box. What that would
mean, I guess, is the ability to make possible a new Boolean choice in
xfce4-power-manager.xml something like this:

<property name="switch-user" type="bool" value="false"/>

(We would have it replace of the Hibernate button.) Is there any way to
do that?


Jerry Bond
Project Manager, MX Linux
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