ANNOUNCE: xfdashboard 0.7.2 released

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ANNOUNCE: xfdashboard 0.7.2 released

Stephan Haller
xfdashboard-0.7.2 "Any window anywhere" was released on 2017-05-15.

This is a development release.

About xfdashboard

Maybe a Gnome shell like dashboard for Xfce






Release notes for 0.7.2

* New feature: All windows can now be drag'n'drop from any actor to any
  other window-related actor. So it is now possible to move a window
  from a workspace to another workspace directly via the workspace
  selector without the need to change the workspace to the one
  containing the window first. You can also drag'n'drop windows from
  workspace to windows view to move a window to the current workspace.
  (GH #79)
* New feature: The window tracker and all other related classes are now
  interfaces to support multiple window systems, like X11, GDK and
  wayland. Currently only X11 is support as it did all the time but 
  preparation work is done to support GDK as well and maybe wayland 
  some day. (GH #129)
* New feature: Added a fine-grained controllable debug system. If
  debug is enabled in configure script the user can use the environment
  variable XFDASHBOARD_DEBUG to enable categories to debug. But also
  classes like XfdashboardActor can be set in this environment variable
  to debug a specific class. Classes are case-sensitive and must be in
  camel-case. You can mix categories and classes in enviroment
  variable. You can set multiple categories and/or classes to debug by
  separating them by commas.
* New feature: At a theme's layout xml file you can now specify which
  actor of the focusable ones should be selected on theme load.
  Therefore a new optional attribute to <focus>, a sub-node of
  <focusables>, was added which is called "selected". This attribute
  "selected" is a boolean attribute and expects to be set to either
  "true" or "false". If set to "true" this actor will be selected
  instead of the search box which is the default. If set to "false" it
  has no impact and handled as this attribute does not exist. This new
  attribute should only be used once over all layout xml files. A
  warning will be printed if it used more than once but the theme will
  load successfully. The user can also configure in the setting if this
  selected focus should be re-selected also when the application
  resumes at daemon mode (GH #144)
* New feature: New actions "selection-move-next", "selection-move-
  previous", "focus-move-first", "focus-move-last" and "focus-move-to"
  for use at custom key bindings were added. They are not bound at the
  default key bindings file installed. (GH #144, GH #145)
* Improved loading performance of images and icons at
  XfdashboardImageContent as it will only start loading when the actor
  using this icon or image is mapped. Previously the image or icon
  might have been loaded before the actor is mapped resulting in
  loading it multiple time as the size of the actor and/or icon or
  image changed a lot before mapping the actor. The performance
  was improved to stop loading images or icons unneccessaryly. All
  actor will benefit of this change automatically, like
* Improved CSS parser to determine recursion at theme CSS file will
  cause the application to crash due to run out of memory (GH #143)
* Fixed a bug that the window size was not fetched correctly and the
  windows at windows view were shown at wrong size and with visual
  distortion. (GH #141)
* Fixed settings application to use the correct built-in view ID for
  the option "switch-to-view-when-resumed" (GH #147)
* Removed unfocuable actor "view-selector" from primary stage interface
* Smaller bug-fixes and typos fixed
* More API documentation

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