ANNOUNCE: xfconf 4.13.0 released

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ANNOUNCE: xfconf 4.13.0 released

Ali Abdallah-4
xfconf 4.13.0 is now available for download from

What is xfconf?

Xfconf is a flexible, easy-to-use configuration management system.


Release notes for 4.13.0
I'm happy to announce the first development version of xfconf targeting
xfce 4.14.

xfconf consists of a daemon (xfconfd) and a user library (libxfconf),
both have been ported to gdbus for the bus communication instead of the
obsolete dbus-glib.


The version number of libxfconf has been bumped from 0 to 1. This is
necessary since:

1) There no XFCONF_TYPE_G_VALUE_ARRAY anymore (which is an old
deprecated dbus_g_type_get_collection), GPtrArray/G_TYPE_PTR_ARRAY
should be used instead.

2) Components linked to libxfconf-0 will not work with the new port, so
having a new libxfonf-1 will make transition smoother (You can have both
libxfconf-0 and -1 installed at the same time)

To resume, you can install xfconfd 4.13.0 daemon (replacing xfconfd
4.12.x), and install both versions of libxfconf, having this way
applications linked to libxfconf-0 or to the new libxfconf-1 working
smoothly together.
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